DoogleBooks® 12-Inch Partial Erasure LCD Writing Board, 2 Styluses, Sleeve & Rubber

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DoogleBooks 12” LCD Writing Board

Tired of wasting mountains of paper on notes, sketches, and research equations that you only need temporarily? Do you and your children enjoy writing and drawing on your phone or tablet, but find yourself getting easily distracted by instant messages, apps, and other online features? If so, then DoogleBooks’ 12”Dual Erase Functions LCD Writing Board is just what you’ve been looking for!

The DoogleBooks portable 12” LCD writing tablet is the perfect way for kids and adults to take down important notes for school and work or to just simply use as an LCD tablet to draw sketches, while being completely paperless! Our LCD tablet is a unique and modern solution for guiding us towards a paperless future and making it easier to draw and take down notes without distractions. This model is especially unique thanks to its partial erase function which allows you to quickly and easily erase exactly what you want on the screen with the push of a button.

Partial and Full Erasure Functions

Our LCD tablet features a unique and easy to use partial erase function. This feature allows you to use the back end of the included blue stylus or the blue rubber erasers to easily and cleanly erase content on the screen.

Just press the partial erase button once and then the LED next to the button will flash. While flashing (approx. 30 secs) you can start erasing. Once it stops flashing, you can start writing again. If you’re done erasing before its done flashing, hold and press the full erase button until the LED stops flashing to start writing again.

For full erasure simply press the full erase button twice to clear the contents on screen.

*We recommend wiping the screen with a cloth after using the blue erasers to remove any left behind marks. These marks are not permanent.

Sharp 12” LCD Display

With our Dual Erase Functions LCD writing board’s extra-large 12-inch display, you’ll have plenty of room to copy down a standard page’s worth of notes or create expansive drawings with our writing tablet’s included stylus. The screen also provides an incredibly sharp image with every stroke of the stylus you make on it. You can even create small or bold lines depending on how firm you press the stylus tip to the screen, allowing for more advanced drawing and note taking capabilities.

Erasure Lock & Full Erase

We’ve made it so that you can easily keep your work safe from erasure thanks to our portable LCD writing tablet’s erasure lock feature. Just turn the erasure lock switch on the back of the E-writer into the “on” position in order to disable erasure buttons so nothing can be erased. Then when you want to erase the screen, make sure the lock screen switch is off and then press the erase button at the bottom of the tablet. Pressing this will quickly and easily wipe the screen, giving you a fresh start.

Extended Life Span

Our 12” Electronic Writing Drawing Board comes with two CR2025 batteries, so that you can get the most out of your DoogleBooks writing tablet. Each battery has a lifespan of 4 – 6 months, providing you with plenty of use from our E-writer when using both included batteries. The partial erase board already comes with one installed and is easy to switch out when needed.

Fun Styluses & Rubber Erasers

This LCD tablet includes 2 styluses to use with its screen such as a blue stylus with a rubber eraser tip and a standard black stylus. The blue stylus perfectly matches the blue outline of our writing tablet and with its eraser tip, you can erase content on the screen when using the partial erase feature. The blue rubber erasers allow you to do this as well without the stylus. We’ve also included a 30cm string to tie the stylus to the board, so it’s harder to lose.

Work Without Distractions

If you love taking notes on your smart tablet or phone, but find yourself constantly getting distracted by messaging programs, internet browsing, and other online features, then our E-writer is perfect for keeping you focused on the task at hand. We’ve designed our drawing and writing tablet with the decision to make it a completely off-line device so you aren’t overwhelmed or distracted by online features like you would be with a typical smart device.

Secure and Mount Anywhere

On the back of each of our colourful LCD doodle boards, we’ve installed 2 small but powerful magnets on the top and bottom that lets you easily display and mount the LCD tablet onto any magnetic surface such as your kitchen’s refrigerator. This lets you proudly display your little one’s works of arts or their important notes and reminders.

Start drawing and taking notes the smart, fun and paperless way with our 12” Partial Erasure LCD writing tablet, today.

*Please kindly note:

  • That due to small parts, this E-Writer is EN71 toy safety approved and is meant for children ages 3 and up.
  • The board is not backlit and therefore cannot be used in the dark;
  • The Partial Erasure Board has mono-colour writing only.