DoogleBooks® 12-Inch Partial Erasure – Colourful LCD Writing Board, 2 Styluses, Sleeve & Rubber

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DoogleBooks 12-Inch Colorful Partial Erasure LCD Drawing Board

Being one of the most ambitious DoogleBooks LCD Tablets we’ve created, this colourful LCD drawing tablet is the ultimate way for kids and even adults to relax and let their imagination run wild with exciting and colorful sketches. This LCD writing board is also great for taking down colorful notes for school, work, or even daily reminders, all without wasting a single sheet of paper! Plus, having the ability to let you fully or partial erase your work on the screen allows you to be even more detailed and creative with your drawings!

Each one of our electronic writing drawing boards can help save 3 trees throughout its lifespan, making it the smart and fun choice for your kids to doodle and write on. Please know this device is not a smart device and therefore has no distracting internet connection and the screen is not backlit. This helps reduce eyestrain by preventing use in the dark as it’s recommended to be in a well-lit environment for writings and drawings to appear in full detail.

Partial Erase Feature

Our LCD writing tablet features a unique and easy to use partial erase function which provides you with three unique levels of erasure strength. This is great for letting you to add more depth to your drawings as well as more easily fix small mistakes without clearing all of your work on the screen by using the rubber tip of the blue stylus or included blue rubber eraser.

Using this feature is as easy as just pressing a button and each of our E-drawer’s three partial erase settings lasts for approximately 30 seconds, with the LED flashing every two seconds, letting you know partial erase is active. Pressing the full erase button once at any time cancels the partial erasure mode and you may write again.

*When the partial erase mode is active, the screen will dim temporarily until the setting deactivates. Please know that this dimness will be more noticeable on higher settings and that remaining lines may still appear minimally faded after the partial erasure mode has ended.

Colourfully Detailed 12” LCD Display

This electronic writing board features a huge 12-inch display that allows you to write and draw in a rainbow of bright and fun colors. The various colors that this colorful LCD doodle board displays are blue, green, and an orange-ish red, with each color being defined within a certain area of the screen itself, meaning that they are preset and cannot be changed. Also know that color layouts may vary from board to board.

Plus we’ve made it so that depending on how firmly you press down onto the LCD tablet with the stylus, you can create a range of different sized lines from small to bold, allowing for more advanced drawing and note taking capabilities.

Erasure Lock & Full Erase

Just turn the erasure lock switch on the back of the E-writer into the “on” position in order to disable erasure buttons so nothing can be erased. Then when you want to erase the screen, make sure the lock screen switch is off and then press the erase button twice at the top of the tablet will quickly and easily wipe the screen, giving you a fresh start.

*When performing a full screen erase, the screen will flash for just a moment. This is entirely normal when resetting the LCD writing board’s screen.

Fun Stylus and Rubbers

This LCD tablet includes two styluses to use with its screen such as a blue stylus with a rubber eraser tip and a standard black stylus. The blue stylus perfectly matches the blue outline of our writing tablet and with its eraser tip, you can erase content on the screen when using the partial erase feature. The blue rubber erasers allow you to do this as well without the stylus. We’ve also included a 30cm string to tie the stylus to the board.

Perfect for Kids and Adults

Our colourful electronic writing drawing board has been designed from the ground up to provide children, teens, and even adults with a way to express their creative side without wasting mountains of paper when drawing and writing. 

*Please note that due to small parts, this E-Writer has been EN71 certified safe and is meant for children ages 3 and up.

Secure and Mount Anywhere

On the back of each of our colorful LCD doodle boards, we’ve installed a small but powerful magnet that lets you easily display and mount the LCD drawing tablet onto any magnetic surface such as your kitchen’s refrigerator. This lets you proudly display your little one’s works of arts or their important notes and reminders. This also makes it so your child always knows where to place their colorful E-writer when they’re done using it.

Start drawing and taking notes the smart, fun and paperless way with our 12" Colourful Partial Erasure LCD Writing tablet, today.

*We recommend wiping the screen with a cloth after using the blue erasers to remove any left behind marks. These marks are not permanent.