Our Mission

Here at DoogleBooks®, we’re passionate about making a positive change for the future. Our motto is “Combining Tradition with Innovation” and everyday we’re doing our best to follow that motto by changing the way people use technology to read, write, and perform basic daily tasks. By using our knowledge of modern technology, we’re constantly innovating ways to help people everywhere be more conservative with the resources they use and how they use them. One way we accomplish this is by being more mindful of our environment and producing products that provide our customers a way to be eco-friendlier, while still integrating modern technology into their daily lives.


With our first product the “Pro LCD Writing Board”, we aim to save up to at least 3 trees throughout each Pro Board’s lifespan. As we continue to release more fantastic and cutting-edge products, we also hope to improve the lives of everyone who uses our them. We aim to achieve this by providing them a way to concentrate on their work without having to worry about outside distractions from the internet like you would on standard smart devices. Just leaving you alone with your thoughts and creativity to help guide your creations.

Our Team

Our team at DoogleBooks® all greatly share our passion to innovate and to give back to the environment and the world as a whole. As a team, we’ve spent our time carefully researching and refining our products in order to deliver only the highest quality LCD writing tablets and other innovative technologies at affordable prices. Each of us is constantly driven to expand our horizons as well as continuing to grow as a company. Letting our talents, passions, and commitments lead us towards conceiving and developing more helpful and user-friendly products, so that we can do our part in making the future just a little brighter.


All of the members of our team have been carefully handpicked and trained, and through these processes as well as combining our efforts, creativity, passions, and emotions, we’ve come to respect all of our members as family.

Our Promise

We’ve made a promise to ourselves and to each and every one of our customers to never forget what motivates us. Just as our motto is “Combining Tradition with Innovation”, we’re always researching new ways to help make the world a better place with every product we create. We have it in our hearts to develop products that are more than just interesting tech gadgets, but rather devices that help inspire you and fundamentally make a difference in your life.

While one of our promises is to have our products be helpful and respectful towards the environment, it’s also our desire to make your life a little easier, more enjoyable, and more creative each time you use our technologies. With that in mind, we’re fully committed to ensuring our products are here to help cut down on consumer waste and help protect the environment, but they’re also here to help save you time, energy, and money. That’s why at DoogleBooks®, we’re always passionate on keeping our promises so that we can always do what’s right for you and for the future generations of our world.