Sleek. Safe. Paperless.

The DoogleBooks® Pro LCD Writing Board is the revolutionary new way to take down important notes or draw sketches without wasting any paper. Need to write down some quick equations for your homework? Tired of hunting down sticky pads to write down a short office memo? Have a character design in your head that you don’t want to forget? The DoogleBooks® LCD Writing Tablet is able to help you save time, energy, and trees thanks to it being an innovative and paperless solution for quickly and easily jotting down temporary notes and drawings.


It’s slim design makes it perfect to take with you to the classroom to take down lecture notes, the office for writing down sales figures and personal reminders, or even to the park for when inspiration strikes. Measuring 255x180x8mm and weighing only 0.3kgs, our electronic writing drawing board is both compact and lightweight enough to easily fit inside your bookbag, handbag, or suitcase without taking up too much room.


Loaded with Features

The DoogleBooks® Pro LCD Writing Board features a 10-inch screen that has been skillfully engineered to show each line and stroke you make with the stylus in incredibly sharp detail. Allowing you to easily make out each letter of your writing as well as every small detail of your drawings. The LCD is also bright enough to easily read and use when out in bright sunlight or in low-light environments.


Once you’re finished or want to save what you’ve written down or drawn, you can use the lock screen switch on the device to disable the erase feature and keep your work on the screen. Afterwards you can use your phone to snap a photo of the LCD screen or use a scanning app to save your work. Finally, once you’re ready to clear the screen, just toggle the lock switch to the off position and press the silver erasure button in the center of the LCD writing tablet to quickly erase everything.


Bundled with Accessories

Along with the DoogleBooks® Pro LCD Writing Board, you’ll also receive a two CR2032 batteries, each one lasting 6-12 months so you can easily use your electronic writing drawing board for over one full year. We also included two stylus pens that have been custom made just for the DoogleBooks® Pro LCD Writing Board. The writing board attatch one stylus at a time to its side. To remove the attatched stylus pen, simply push up on it to release it. Please note pulling on it from the side may damage it.


Finally, you’ll also receive our premium-quality protective sleeve. This sleeve has an incredibly soft fabric exterior as well as a durable and protective interior to ensure your LCD writing tablet’s screen doesn’t become scratched or damaged. The protective sleeve also features a back pocket for you to store the extra battery, stylus pen, and other small objects.


Where to Buy?

The DoogleBooks® Pro LCD Writing Board, Dual Erasure Board and Colour Board are now available on please visit our store.

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